Wigstensions Lace Tin Spray

Color: Mocha
Sale price$10.99


Perfect for fair brown and tanned skin, beige is a neutral yellow with cool undertones.

Ideal for medium toned skin, golden is a mid-range brown base with warm undertones.

Best for dark skin tones, Mocha is a deep and rich brown with cool undertones.

Suggested Way To Use

  1. Start by shaking your bottle well to mix pigment and liquid ingredients.
  2. Place your wig or unit inside out and place it on a stand.
  3. Spray a light layer directly onto clean, dry lace. Do not spray too much.
  4. Dye works better when it is warmer. If blow dryer is used, keep the temperature at warm setting. Avoid wet tint to spread onto the hair fiber.
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 until you get the color you desire.
  6. Wipe off remaining tint from the lace or rinse unit with cold water.
  7. For more effective results, bleach the knots on your wig before applying lace tint.

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