EBIN Braid Formula Lock 'n Shine Extreme Firm Hold (16.2oz)

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Lock’N Shine is a loc, twist, and braid gel that is designed to enhance and maintain protective hairstyles with strong hold, smooth application providing shine without flaking. Lock’N Shine is specially formulated to provide extreme firm hold, definition and nourishment for textured hair as it is alcohol free for moisture retention to maintain the moisture, health and appearance of the hair. Our gels provide strong hold without causing excessive stiffness and flakiness combating the humidity to keep the hair well-defined and polished. 

❤ [GEL] Loc, twist and braid gel is a specialized hair styling product that is made to enhanced, define, and maintain protective hairstyles such as locs, twists, and braids.

❤ [EXTREME HOLD] Lock’n Shine gel has the extreme firm hold providing strong and long lasting hold for locs. Twists and braids without leaving the hair feeling stiff or crunchy. The formation strikes a balance between hold and flexibility giving comfortable and flexible feel.

❤ [MOISTRUE] Our Lock’N Shine is alcohol free that is crucial for maintaining the moisture balance in the hair. No alcohol formulation retains the moisture and keeps the hair hydrated preventing breakage.

❤ [HIGH SHINE] Lock’N Shine provides high shine finish, adding a lustrous and glossy appearance to the hair. The gel highlights the natural sheen of the hair providing healthy, vibrant and defined appearance.

 [CRUELTY FREE] Cruelty free, vegan friendly with hair loving ingredients. Let your hair look fabulous with only the best ingredients.


How to use

Divide hair into sections. Apply LOCK'N SHINE with fingertips through sections. Use a rat tail comb to define parts/sections. Grip and glide through sections to achieve desired style. 

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