Goldentree Half wig and wrap High & Low Pony Wrap #1

Color: 1
Sale price$34.99


The Goldentree Be Natural Half Wig and Pony Wrap High & Low 1 is a versatile hairpiece that offers multiple styling options. Let’s dive into the details:

  • Style: This product allows you to achieve three different looks:

    1. High Ponytail: Create an elegant and sleek high ponytail.
    2. Low Ponytail: Opt for a more relaxed and chic low ponytail.
    3. Half Wig: Use it as a half wig for added volume and length.
  • Material: Made from synthetic hair fiber, it mimics the natural yaki texture.

  • Heat Resistance: It is high heat resistant up to 350°F.

  • Color Options: Available in various shades, including T2/27, T2/30, T2/BG, TT DARK COPPER, and TT HONEY GINGER.

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